Temi Cloud

Community-based recruiting platform.

Temi Cloud is network on existing well-defined communities with talented professionals across multiple channels.

Access professional communities from a single dashboard

You can customize your company page with various branding elements to make it more professional and authentic.

One-click publishing
Rich branding capabilities
Detailed analytics and insights

Platform made for communities

100% of decisions are made by community leaders, you approve each job post. If you had an additional from the community how would you spend it?

Scroll it, with any device, connected to the internet.
Our platform is responsivelly available on every devices browser. The only thing you gonna do is to simply type the tt.ge into the link area.
150 tech companies are already seeking talent with Temi Cloud
Place your job across multiple communities and wait for the results

How it works?

Broadcast the job post request to community leaders
Search for the proper community
Customize job post page
Broadcast the job post request to community leaders
The very first step in here is registration as usual and it takes almost 3 minutes to complete your profile.
Register Community
We are a loud bunch
We love cats, memes and cat memes 🐈

Writing good code is all about storytelling for us. Great stories have a clear structure and purpose. We believe engineers who enjoy great stories usually write the most readable code.

Our background and experience is usually quite different, we frequently argue over important decisions and small insignificant detail just as much, but at the end of the day healthy discussions and different viewpoints usually lead to a better product.
Mari Khomeriki
Giorgi Sheshaberidze
Sandro Dolidze
Tamta Kapanadze
Community Manager
Ana Mchedlishvili
Software Engineer
Ilia Sturua
Software Engineer
Giorgi Dogadze
Software Engineer
Iuri Jikidze
Software Engineer
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