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Building Community | An Indispensable Tool for Business Growth
Published on : 11/3/2022

We are all aware of community, one of the fundamental aspects of human existence. Family is one type of community, and a church or school would be another, for example. But what does community have to do with business? And why should you consider community involvement an indispensable tool for achieving business growth?

Here, at Temi Cloud, we talk a lot about communities and how they're fundamental to the successful growth of any business. Experiencing the effects of community-driven growth firsthand is rewarding, but before we dive into the details of building communities, we wanted to cover the three main ways communities help businesses grow. 

Community involvement helps to build the tone of voice of your brand 


Often, business owners seek to involve their companies in local and regional communities.  There are plenty of ways that businesses can leverage their individual strengths in order to help their community.


Willy’s, a chain of burrito restaurants in the Southern United States, for example, has worked with several local organizations to help children, disadvantaged families, the homeless, as well as service workers. 


Many big-name companies also organize community involvement. For example, the travel company encourages employees to volunteer their time and help organize events that benefit the local community. Booking also prioritizes inclusivity, which helps strengthen the sense of community within the company—a winning recipe for success. 



Raise your brand awareness by building communities


Second, by striving to build community, you not only make a difference in the lives of people who genuinely need it, but you also help raise awareness for your brand. 


Brand awareness is a vital aspect of any business. If you lack name recognition, it is much harder for you to attract customers. Simply by getting involved in your local community, you will begin putting your brand out there and this will help naturally promote your business. 


Let’s say you’re a plumbing contractor. If your business assists with a community event, it’s likely that people who attend will think of you if they have a plumbing issue. This will lead to organic business growth through increased brand awareness. 

Trust and transparency are important for customers - create communities that build trust in your brand


Finally, community engagement will help strengthen brand trust. Brand awareness and brand trust are narrowly linked but distinct aspects of your business. As people learn about your business through word-of-mouth, they may not yet have a lot of trust in your company. It is through feeling satisfied with the services of a business that people generally begin to place their trust in a brand.


Nonetheless, simply engaging authentically with your community will lead to greater brand trust as people form a positive association with your business through the good that you are doing in your community. 


For example, if people in your community see the work you are doing to help the community you share, they are much more likely to then trust—and therefore choose—your company over one of your competitors. 


Building community by supporting local groups and/or important causes will help promote positive values within your company, boost brand awareness, and help build trust between your organization and the community. 


Community involvement can be a powerful engine for the growth of your business.

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